Structure of the book

The book is divided into three chapters.

Frequently asked question

This chapter contains answers to questions that might come up after reading the official guide by Evan Czaplicki or The Beginning Elm Book by Pawan Poudel. Additionally some basic questions can be answered by looking at the Elm Syntax Document.

This chapter does cover new topics or advanced tricks, but it will hint at related topics if they are relevant for the question.


This chapter contains well-known problems and the "correct" way to solve it. There might be different ways to do the job, but every problem should showcase just one solution with references to other solutions.

The solutions do not use community-packages, but implement as much as possible using the elm/* packages. For better ways that involve specific packages, references are provided.

Frameworks and packages

This chapter contains summaries of videos explaining specific packages. These summaries are meant to be a first introduction and should be used with the video. There are timestamps and all the functions that are needed to understand snippets of the video, after that introduction the reader is meant to checkout the official documentation.

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