In the Elm Town Podcast 45: It Started off As a Morning Book Jeremy Fairbank, the author of the Book Programming Elm, noticed that there is no Elm cookbook, that would serve as a follow-up to a beginners book. This book aims to fill this empty spot.

This Book is a collection of helpful answers from the Elm subreddit, the Discourse forum, the Elm Slack as well as useful articles from Medium. It will cover things that are missing in the official guide and the Beginning Elm Book by Pawan Poudel.

Each section will focus on one specific problem and one solution. At the end of each section will be links to the original source as well as alternative solutions.

This is a Community Project

The book is open-source and can be read here. If you want to contribute an interesting post or article, first check if that topic is already covered. If so, add it to the Further reading section; If not, add it to Future topics and start a Pull Request on the github repository.

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